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NRSWA FAQs - Project Skills Solutions

All our course pages now include an FAQ tab, this tab is regularly updated with answers to common questions regarding the NRSWA courses.

In this Blog, we will be addressing the top 5 NRSWA FAQs.

1. Where is my card?

When you finish your course, you will get a card that has a list of the units you have successfully passed on the reverse side. You can expect to receive your card and certificate 12 to 16 weeks after you finish your course. A letter can be given to you to prove to employers the units you have achieved while you wait for it. It’s highly recommended that you go through the reassessment process at least 3 months before your card expires, then you should receive your new card before the expiry date.

2. Do you offer onsite Street Works courses?

Unfortunately, because of the specifics of NRSWA Street Works training, we can not provide onsite instruction for groups of participants. The full Streetworks program covers setting up signs, lighting, and guarding, and also how to dig and refill the road. If your course requires hot-lay, the materials and tools for the Street Works site will have been taken care of and set up by the right people before you arrive. For the best experience, we opt for NRSWA training centres instead of delivering onsite training due to the facilities they possess.

3. Can I do a NRSWA course remotely?

We get asked this question regularly due to virtual courses gaining popularity over the last few years. Unfortunately because the course is very practical, we can not offer this as an option for NRSWA courses. You will be expected to set up, excavate and reinstate as appropriate on your course.

4. What is the difference between a 1-day and 2-day reassessment course?

Reassessments run over 1 or 2 days. Some training schools will run some theory refresher training before you retake your exam and some do not. If you book a 1-day course, it is likely you will take assessments only. If you are unsure what option is best for you, then call our training team on 0800 0213 263 and they will be happy to advise you. Not answered your NRSWA FAQ on this subject? You can read more about the assessment process in our blog ‘NRSWA Reassessment, when and who?’.

5.Can I be a Supervisor and an Operative?

A white card is given to those who hold Operative and Supervisor qualifications, so you can hold both. However, when you are on site, you can not be both. For example, if you are on a Streetworks site as an Operative, you still need someone else to supervise the work. If you hold or need to hold both the Operative and the Supervisor qualifications, then you to renew these you will need complete two renewals (one for the Operative and one for the Supervisor) and the same to gain the qualification (one 5-day course for the Operative, and one 5-day course for the Supervisor). You can not do both at the same time.

6. What course do I need?

We have recently updated our quiz that will advise you on what Street Works course you may need to take – give it a go here! Alternatively, speak to a member of our team who can talk through your needs.

Here at Project Skills Solutions we always try to do our best to help our customers and answer their questions the best we can. If you cannot find the answer to your question in our FAQs don’t hesitate to call our training team on 0800 0213 263, we will answer any questions you have and you can book your course over the phone, simple!

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Very pleasant people to work with, very helpful. Will definitely be going back for further training in future. Thank you

Paul French – NRSWA Operative

Project Skills Solution are excellent, easy to book a course through, people attending course’s report back that the course’s are delivered well. All certificates arrive promtly.

Rob Bennie – NRSWA Operative

I only use PSS for our NRSWA courses now. they have locations to suit our field workers all over the country and fast and efficient booking with clear directions and joining instructions.

Carol Richardson

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