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Are there age restrictions to the NRSWA course?

You have to be 16 and over to attend an NRSWA course. If you are 16 or 17 you will need written consent from a parent or guardian to attend the course.

I have a group of delegates can a course be tailored to my companies needs?

Yes we can get the trainer to tailor the course content to the specific needs of clients.

My card has expired

If your card has expired in the last 5 years you can attend a re-assessment course to cover the units on your card and get a new expiry date for those units.

Once your card/unit has expired you are not qualified to undertake that work, you no longer get a 6 month grace period. For more information contact our team.

Do I have to complete all of the NRSWA units or can I pick and choose?

You do not have to complete all of the NRSWA units, for example if you only need to complete just unit 1 or unit 2 you can book onto this no problem. We generally don’t book delegates onto other combinations of units for example units 1-3 or 1, 10- 11 as this takes the place of a 5 day individual. In many cases it also works out more cost effective for you to book on the full course as you will get the extra units for not much extra cost.

I can’t be out of work for 5 days, can I split my NRSWA course?

Almost all of our courses are run as a 5 day block, we do have a couple of venues that run the course split. Contact us for more information.

I don’t do any digging. I just put out the signs/ cones/ barriers? Which unit?

If you are not doing any excavating or reinstating in the footpath or road, but you need to sign off an area to work in. You might just need;

002 – Signing, lighting and guarding

This is a 1 or 2 day course (depending on your location and experience) which we run UK wide on a weekly basis. Dates and prices for this unit are on our website alternatively call us for locations and availability.

Is there written work on the NRSWA Operative course?

The NRSWA Operative course is practical, there is some theory and written work but this is a small portion of the course. If you have any concerns, you can call and speak to our team. If you have a learning difficulty this isn’t a problem we can let the trainer know before you attend and he can give you extra help if required.

How long does the NRSWA training last for?

The NRSWA certificates and card are valid for 5 years. Once your card has expired you will need to refresh your training with the Re-Assessment. We also run these courses UK wide, with courses running weekly.

Full courses themselves are 5 days long to attend in most locations, signing, lighting and guarding courses are usually 1 day.

HELP, I’ve lost my card!

If you have lost your street works card you will need to phone SCOTVEC for a replacement on 0845 2702720.

I drop kerbs, which NRSWA units do I need to complete?

If you drop kerbs and you are excavating and then putting the kerbs back, you will need to complete the 5 day course which generally covers units 1-6+ 9. Units covered do vary at each location. These courses run UK wide with dates running weekly.

If I do the NRSWA Supervisor course, can I do the operatives work?

No, if you complete the NRSWA Supervisor training course you can only supervise to make sure that the operative has carried out the work correctly. You are not trained to carry out the operatives work.

I have done the NRSWA Operative course, but now need Supervisors.

If you have previously completed the NRSWA Operative course you can then complete the NRSWA Supervisors, you will receive a white card. You have to be either an operative or a supervisor on site, you can’t be down as both as you can’t be the operative then supervise yourself.

You won’t have to re sit unit 1 (this is the same for both operatives and supervisors) so when booking on, let us know that you have previously completed the operatives. You will need to bring your existing card along to the course with you.

I am not doing any excavating, I just need to monitor the operative?

If you are not doing any of the actual excavating or reinstating yourself and are just needing to monitor/ supervise the operatives, you will require the NRSWA Supervisor training.

How much is training in my area?

Course prices vary by location, click on your course page and search for your location to find the price in your area.

Does the course include lunch?

The majority of our courses include lunch, this is based on location however and some do not. Once you have booked your course, you will receive joining instructions with lunch information included.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know so we can accommodate, if you would like to know if your course includes lunch before booking contact us and our training team will answer any questions you have.

Is the course guaranteed to run?

The very nature of these workshops mean we need a minimum number of people for the course to run. This is both to make it financially viable as well as promoting a good environment for learning.

If for any reason we need to cancel we’ll do our best to give you plenty of notice and provide alternative options or a refund.

Where are you based?

The PSS head office is in Basildon, Essex, but we have training centres/ locations UK wide.

How do I contact you?

You can speak to our team through the chat on our website or call us. Alternatively you can email us at [email protected]

Who is Marvin?

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Does the price include the certificates?

All of our prices include all the certification and/or cards for the course, there are no added extras for any certificates.

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