Is your NRSWA card about to expire?

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NRSWA Courses - Is your NRSWA card about to expire?

If you work on the highways, you will know the importance of holding a valid NRSWA card. It is a mandatory requirement for anyone who works on the roads or other public highways, and it demonstrates that you have received the necessary training to carry out your job safely and efficiently.

The NRSWA card is issued by the Street Works Qualification Register (SWQR), and it is valid for five years. However, after this period, it will expire, and you will need to renew it to continue working on street works sites.

It is worth noting that your NRSWA card may have more than one unit on it, and each unit may expire at different times. Therefore, it is essential to keep track of your card’s expiry dates to ensure that you are always compliant with the regulations.

Excavation and Reinstatement

If you hold the full operative or supervisor course, which includes units on excavation and reinstatement, then you will need to complete the full NRSWA reassessment course. This course can be either one or two days long.

The one-day course usually includes a recap of the units followed by a 45-minute multiple-choice test. On the other hand, the two-day course offers more refresher training to prepare you for the assessment. The cost of the course varies depending on the location, but generally, the two-day course is more expensive than the one-day course.

If you work on highways regularly, you may not need refresher training, and a one-day course may suit you fine. However, if you feel a bit rusty or want to be more confident in the assessment, a two-day course to validate your NRSWA card may be a better option for you.

Signing, Lighting, and Guarding

Many delegates hold the signing, lighting, and guarding (SLG) unit only. The unit is often referred to as unit 2 or 10, O1, or S1, or Chapter 8. The new certificate codes are O1 for the operative signing, lighting, and guarding course and S1 for the supervisor signing, lighting, and guarding course.

If you need to renew just the SLG, you can complete the one-day course again, or you can attend a half-day reassessment for the one unit only. However, not all locations offer the half-day reassessment, so it may be easier for you to complete the course again. Although the course costs vary depending on the location, the half-day reassessment is typically a little cheaper than the one-day course.

Once you have completed and passed your reassessment course, you will receive a letter as confirmation to your employer that your qualifications are up to date. It’s worth noting that it can take approximately 12-16 weeks to receive your new card.

NRSWA Card Expiry Date

It’s crucial to complete your reassessment course before your existing card expires, as once your NRSWA card expires, it’s no longer valid. You will not be allowed to work on a street works site until completing your renewal.

If you have missed your expiry date, don’t worry. You can attend a reassessment course up to five years after your expiry date, but using your out-of-date card will not be allowed. However, you won’t have to attend a more expensive full course if you leave it less than five years.

Old Rules

Before 2017, you only had a six-month grace period to complete the reassessment before you had to attend the full course again. So, if someone tells you this, they may not be aware that the rule has changed.

Watch our video below that explains the NRSWA reassessment process.


Booking Your Reassessment

Booking your reassessment course is easy once you know the course you need. You can use our handy ‘Which Course?’ quiz to advise you, or speak to a member of the PSS team who will be happy to give advice and book your course over the phone.

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